9. Three Laws of Paint

PAINTING SECRETS: Learn the three basic rules to a successful painting project from painting expert Brian Santos

Well, when you're working with paint, we have the 3 laws we have to consider. Okay? Okay. The first law of paint is never paint out of a paint can. Okay. Second law of paint is no more than a 1/2 inch in any container. The third law is the enemy of paint is air. Okay. So, what's the big deal why can't I paint out of a can? Great question. Now, the first thing is we don't wanna paint out of a gallon's. Number 1, too heavy. You're not gonna hold that thing around. Number 2---- Okay. You might be contaminating the material by putting debris in it and also it is being exposed to the air, so that's number 3. You don't like that. Now, we're gonna transfer this into another container, okay? Okay. So, here's our container. If you notice, it's a metal pan, but it's been laid in plastic and the plastic is not going to contaminate. No more than 1/2 inch because then I can control it and it's not too heavy, and also, this gives us the ability to close it, which is the enemy of paint is air. Okay. Now, that is---- How does air affect it? Air affects it in such a way that it actually coagulates or make it thick enough, and that is not gonna let us have flow on the wall. Right. Remember, we're using a very saturated color. Uh huh. So, here's a little trick that we have to do because we are working with 2 gallons of paint. We need to pour the paint all into 1 container. We call this boxing and blending. Okay. You see, even though, we make it in the exact same time and they have the same color code, they are actually 2 different colors of paint. We need to combine it all together. So you grab one. I grab one---- Okay. And we're gonna pour this right into our bucket, just like so. Just the whole thing, right in. Go ahead, give it a shot! There you are. Very cool! I don't wanna miss the bucket! No! You did great! We're gonna paint right out of here. Now, if you notice, what I'm doing is I'm taking a stir stick and I'm spinning it around just to make sure that the color is consistent, the thickness is consistent. Yeah, this is again called boxing and blending. Sounds good! Let's paint! Let's paint!