More Masking

8. More Masking

PAINTING SECRETS: Protect your windows and floors with these insider tips from painting expert Brian Santos.

Thu, 5 Aug 2010|

Now we gotta make sure that we protect all the surfaces including around this big picture window. And if you noticed, I've gone ahead and take our masking tape. I framed off the windows so that we don't get any leakage onto the frame itself, but we don't wanna get any paint on the glass or anything else that's here as well. So we're gonna use a product called Tape and Drape. Now, I like this product a lot because what it comes with is its own preset masking around the edge of our plastic. Wow! And what you can do is meter out just the length that you need. You set it right along like so and we just cut right along and what I'm gonna have you do is actually unfurl this as we go. So I can come right at the edge and cut it right off to the length we need and then you can unfurl it. Look at this, it just unfolds. Wow! Isn't that cool? That is so cool! Yeah! Seriously. And this way, it actually will cover the whole window if we let it. We're gonna trim it to fit. What you do is just take the knife, come right along, and just slide it. And it's very thin plastic so it's gonna cling right where you want. You won't get any splatters and it's gonna set right there. This is made of soy oil and at the end of your project, you can go throw it in your landfill, throw it into your compost pile. 30 to 60 days later, it dissolves. It becomes the greatest moisture of Dead Sea. That's great. Yes. Not only is it economical, which runs about $10, but also it's earth-friendly. Well, here's our paper and plastic drop pots. I told you we're gonna use them, right? This is the time which you wanna prepare. Again, 80%, right? I don't wanna get anything on your carpet. Right. Okay. So we're really gonna take these and we're gonna open `em up. Good. We could just lift up, tuck down, and we just keep working this right down. Only does this now secure this to the base board, but it also creates a nice, tight seal so that no paint is gonna leak through the carpet. We don't wanna use anything like duct tape `cause it'll leave residue on your carpet. We use the blue masking film, blue masking tape. This gives you a nice seal right on to the floor