Masking Trim

7. Masking Trim

PAINTING SECRETS: The secret to a good masking job? It's all about "scribing"! Painting expert Brian Santos shows you how to get a tight seal to prevent paint from seeping.

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Of course, we have to mask off all the moldings, anything we do not wanna get painted on. The best way-- Right. for that honestly is blue tape. Yeah. First thing we're gonna be able to do is take this tape and mask off the surfaces. Now, some of these masking tapes come with this neat little tool. So, we'll cut it right off, and you can set the edge right underneath. Now, how do you get a good seal? Here's the real secret. Uh huh. Any plastic tool, so anywhere-- [unk] that you have this, you can actually wrap this up a little bit. Okay. So we'll protect it, and you then you just take this tool, just run it around just like so, and if you have any extra coming off of here, again, just take your knife, gently score and we can pull off any waste. So we get a nice screen that we call scribing or [unk] the edge because that gives you a nice straight edge to which to work with. Cool. You can see we're continuing working down our baseboards, and I love this tool `cause look at it. You can actually now hold it. Right. And you can set, you could actually feed it out to me, and I can sit here and set the edge. That's why it takes 2 people really. It really is a 2 person [unk]. Oh, yeah. Masking is really the secret to the whole project here, and having a good mask job is gonna give us the best results because, remember, paint is a liquid, and we don't wanna get this all over the place. We just take the knife, cut it. We get a nice. Clean corner. Yup. Perfect. That's it. You know, this stuff only runs by $8 a roll and you may go to 2 rolls in a room, but- We don't really need that much. we'll see. Yes, $16 versus, you know, cleaning your carpets and stuff `cause you've messed up. Yeah! Your almost there.