Save Your Ceiling

6. Save Your Ceiling

PAINTING SECRETS: Save your ceiling from splatters with this insider tip from Brian Santos, the Wall Wizard. One simple step helps you get a crisp, clean, professional edge between your wall and ceiling.

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Can we paint yet? Seriously, I want some green on my walls. No. Okay. I want green on your walls, but I don't want to have any green anywhere else. Uh hum. And so we're gonna do a little protection. So the next step here that we wanna do is actually mask off everything. Okay. Alright. What about the ceiling? Now, how do you mask off the ceiling? Oh, that's a great question. I have a great tip for you. We're gonna use our 10-in-1. Oh, yes. Yeah. You know what? One of the really cool tools here is the 10-in-1, and one of the most important features is that little point right there `cause it does about 5 to 6 different things. Okay. Now, let me show you one that's really interesting in the way of using this tool. You see, what we're gonna do is come up to our ceiling line here, and what we're gonna do is scrape right along the edge, and creating a little channel. Now, the idea here is that we want to make this little channel so the brush will not go beyond and the paint won't flow up onto the surface. Okay Caitlin, I want you to go ahead and do this. It's a real simple tool. It's a hand tool. Okay. So you can do this yourself. This going back and forth, help it? Yes. As you can-- It does, and then, also any bumpies that you see out there, just scrape them down. You feel there's a couple. Yup, right-- Yeah. up against the ceiling line. There you go. See that one that's right there? Yeah. Right there. That's what you want. Those are the kinds of things that will ruin a paint job and not give you a good flow.