4. Removing Hardware

PAINTING SECRETS: Don't try to paint around it, just remove it! Get tips on how to handle hardware removal -- and more important, how to put it all back in the right place.

So, Brian do I have to take off my window treatment? Yeah, you do. You know what for a couple of reasons. Number 1, we're not gonna get it painted. We don't wanna get paint on it. I mean you're trying to clean paint off of this? Yeah. Not a good idea. And also, we're gonna paint the inside of the casing. Now, the reason we do that is to make the room actually feel bigger. A lot of people would stop right here and all of a sudden, then you'll have this big blank. Yeah. Yeah. So we want there is color, it'll make the room look deeper. It'll also make the window treatments, even though there white, pop off the wall and look better. Okay. Here's a little secret. We wanna tape-- We don't want these cords all wrapped up and having issues. So, we're gonna just tape this, like so. Come around and that way we're not gonna tangle them. But I like to do is I take my handy-dandy plastic wrap. Okay. And this is a really good way of holding the blind together and keeping everything from unraveling and also from getting dirty. So this is a really simple little technique, we do one here. You can actually turn it around, and we'll do the other side. Okay. Now, the next thing we're gonna do is go ahead and remove the hardware. Now, we're gonna use a cordless drill, and what we wanna do is just very carefully back the screws out. Just like so. Then, let me guess. We put it in the bag. You know it. Now, we should mark what it is. Let's put right on it. Okay. Window hardware. Any type of hardware it's always better to move than to work around something `coz you're gonna get much more professional-looking job. Now, will we need to patch those holes before we paint them? Actually, we're gonna use a little trick where we're gonna put a toothpick inside and that will tell us if we wanna save those holes and be able to then snap off the toothpick inside. You're using 2 toothpicks just however big is the hole is? In that way also I know that, that is the hole I need to save. Who knows we have some nails, right? Right. Well, that's what these tools really designed to do. Good. It's in the bag. That's it, beautiful. You're good to go. High 5.