Clear Your Room

3. Clear Your Room

PAINTING SECRETS: Get everything out of the way and keep it organized with these great tips from painting expert Brian Santos.

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Well before we start painting, we gotta clear the room. I'll tell you, that's one of the big secrets here because we wanna have enough distance, at least 5 feet away from the wall, to be able to work with our ladders, be able to tape things, and not get any type of paint on the furniture or any other things. So, let's clear it. We got the room cleared. And now, we're gonna take down all the stuff. What stuff? Hey, switch plates, we're not gonna paint around those. I like to call this baggy and taggy. This house a screwdriver built right into the back end of it, both the phillips Cool. and yeah, it is cool. And what you can do right now is go ahead and unscrew any type of switch plates or any type of heater vents or anything like that. And I always like to take a little bit of masking tape and put this right over. Now, secret. Take the screw and put it back inside the socket. And we've marked this number 1. And even on the back of the switch plate, we've put a number 1 so we know Okay. what plate goes where. And this is part of keeping things nice and clean and organized. So that when you go put the room back together again, you know what goes where and why. Then also, we're gonna do is at the very end of all this, we've got everything pooled together. We're gonna take all the bags and put it inside the bigger back, which now tells us what room we're actually disassembling. And what I like to do is stick it on the window of the room. In that way, it automatically now everything stays clean, dry, and organized. So when you go put the room back together again, you've bagged and tagged everything. Very cool.