How Much Paint

2. How Much Paint

PAINTING SECRETS: Buy just the right amount of paint to get the job done right! Painting expert Brian Santos shares his simple formula for estimating paint quantities.

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Now, Brian, how do I determine how much paint I need for my room? That's a real easy formulation. We're gonna take the height of the wall, which in this case is about 8 foot. Taking our tape measure, measure completely and then we're gonna take the running length of the walls we're gonna do; in this case, 12 plus 12, 24. And then we're gonna divide by 250 to 300 square foot. Now, that's the amount of coverage that a gallon of paint will actually do. We're gonna take the lower number though because we have a deep, deep color and we're also then going to double the quantity. Why? Because we gotta make sure we have a good base of color and then we're gonna do a second coat on top of it to give that real rich saturation color you're looking for. Simple formula for actually calculating the amount of paint you need for a room: Take the height of any wall times the running length of the wall that you're going to actually paint. Take that number and actually divide by 250 square foot. 250 square foot is the amount of coverage that a gallon of paint will cover. So, we wanna take that amount and that would be the quantity we actually need to order. I always suggest, always buy more paint than you need because you don't know how much paint will actually absorb into the wall itself.