Touchless Faucets

Kitchen & Bath Trend Report: You've seen touchless faucets in commercial spaces. Now you can have all their advantages in your own kitchen or bath.

Get inspired by this Better Homes and Garden trend report. This trend puts technology at your fingertips. Literally, touchless faucets use electronic sensors to start and stop the water's flow. You've seen them in airports and other public spaces, but now, they're moving into residential kitchens and baths. If you've got young kids, these faucets are a great idea. Hook one up to filtration system and it serves as a convenient water dispenser. Some models even let you preset the water's temperature so you don't have to worry about scalding hands. These faucets also lower your water bill by conserving water since the sensors automatically turn the faucet off when you take your hands away. Want even more control? This model bundles the touchless feature with another sensor, one that puts the tap into tap water, letting you turn the water on with a simple touch. Wouldn't that be great when you're cooking? So, whether it's 1 touch or touchless, this technology is making faucets more functional.