No-Carve Ribbon Pumpkin

Use ribbons and rick-rack to lend some style to a plain ol' pumpkin. Choose traditional seasonal colors or try a more modern combo of brights.

To make a fashion-forward pumpkin, try this. Decorating for Halloween is always a favorite time of the year at my house, and I've got a great idea on how you can decorate your pumpkins without spending a lot of time. Now, these adorable pumpkins are so easy to make, and what you'll need is some rickrack, and some variety of fun-patterned ribbons, a hot glue gun, and of course, a pumpkin. You're gonna need a pumpkin. To begin, you're gonna take one end of your ribbon, and I'm gonna use this fun zigzag, and you're gonna take you're hot glue gun. And you're just gonna put a little dab underneath the stem of your pumpkin, like that, and then, place your ribbon. So now, once the glue has set, you're just gonna take your ribbon and run it down the length of your pumpkin. And you're just gonna run it all the way down to the bottom, like this. And then, you wanna make sure it's nice and tight 'cause you don't want it to hang loosely once you're done with your pumpkin. And then, get your hot glue gun out, put it down on the bottom of your pumpkin, stretch the ribbon nice and tight, and press it firmly into place. And just let it sit there for a little bit. Last step is just to take your scissors and snip off the end. Just like that. Now, as you're adding your ribbon, you wanna alternate the patterns and colors, and try to space them evenly all the way around the pumpkin. And you know, that's actually pretty easy to do because pumpkins naturally have these ribs, and you can just follow them. Now, I think these would be great to display on the front porch to great your guest, or you can use it as a centerpiece on your fall table, or you can even tuck 'em in a windowsill with a few candles. It's a way to show your stripes on your Halloween pumpkin.