No-Carve Spider Pumpkin

Give a mini pumpkin a quick makeover that turns it into a scary little spider.

If you like creepy crawlies at Halloween, try this. I'm gonna show you how you can make your own itsy bitsy spiders out of mini pumpkins and a wire coat hanger. Now I've already cut an old wire coat hanger into 8 individual pieces that are all the same size. Mine are about 5 inches long. And it's key to make them the same length 'cause you don't want a lopsided spider. Now these are gonna be the legs. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna take a needle nose pliers and you're gonna have to use your strength here and make a bend into 1 side of your wire. Alright. Now that is gonna be the part that goes into the body of the spider. And then come to your other area of the other end here, and we'll bend and make a foot. It's really good to use a sturdy wire because if it's too flimsy, it's just not gonna hold up the weight of the pumpkin. So those are my legs, and I'm gonna set those aside and concentrate on the face. And what I have is some stiff felt with some adhesive on the back. And this is great because you don't have to get out the hot glue gun to make these stick onto your pumpkin. And it's nice to use a stiff felt because then you can cut out smaller shapes and it's just easier to stick on your pumpkin. So I'm gonna create some fangs, and I've got some white triangles. So I'm just going to go down to where I think I wanna put my mouth and just stick the felt right there. Let's continue with my other fang and position it over the second fang. Alright, now it's time for the mouth. And what I've done is I've taken some black felt and I cut out a little smiley face. And you're just going to overlap your fangs like that. There. Alright. And now, I have found some cat eyes at my local craft store. And I'm just gonna take these fun little eyes and stick them into my pumpkin. Apply a little bit of pressure to get started. Just apply it like that. Take your other eye like that. That looks kind of fun and silly! Now it's time to put some legs on our friend here. And we're gonna take some of our bent coat hangers and just stick them right into the sides of the pumpkin. Now, you're gonna wanna make sure you kinda space them accordingly though because you need to be able to put 4 legs on each side of your 8-legged spider. Now you can give these spiders all kinds of fun personalities. All you gotta do is just change the eyes, the shape of the mouth, maybe not add fangs, maybe add fangs, you just have a lot of fun. Alright, so now I have my 8 legs in place. And as you can see, my little spider is resting here on the tabletop. Now, if you want, you could put the wire coat hangers in a little bit lower on your pumpkin and it'll actually stand up for you. Now just cast a web on your windowsill and you've created some 8-legged friends for Halloween.