a Tiered Bow

Make a Tiered Bow

Tiers of texture make this bow so pretty. Make it with shades of the same color, or mix and match.

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-For a quick, easy to make bow, try this. This beautiful layered bow is as easy as 1, 2, 3, and it instantly adds an extra special touch to your gift. Now for this bow, you need to choose 3 different whiffs of ribbon and each of the ribbon should be a different type, and then you just really just stack them on top of each other and it's that easy. You'll just go widest to skinniest. Now, your widest ribbon should be the longest, and that should be the size that you want your bow to be. And then, your next skinnier piece of ribbon will be a little bit shorter, and then finally, your skinniest ribbon will be the shortest. Before we start stacking, I'm gonna finish off the ends, and I'm gonna put a nice V-shaped knot on the end of each of my ribbons. And a little tip for you is to fold it lengthwise, and then starting on the fold with your scissors, you'll just wanna do a diagonal up to the top like that. And that, make sure that your knot is even so you'll do this on each side just like this and then you'll take your next ribbon and do the same thing. Just folding it lengthwise, cutting, starting on the fold diagonally to your end. -Now you're ready to stack your ribbons on top of each other to create your bow. So just take your widest ribbon, and that will be on the bottom and then the little bit skinnier ribbon and then your skinniest one right on top. So, then, what you're gonna do is you're going to find the center and just give it a pinch like this. And then you're gonna take a longer piece of ribbon and just tie a knot in the center just like this. Just give a nice, firm tug like that. All right. Now, you could keep your tails a little long and secure the bow to the package with the tail or you could trim it up short, and I'm gonna go ahead and just trim it right now. Just take your scissors. The cut there---- And cut off the other tail like that. All right. And now, what you need to do is just kind of adjust it a little bit, kind of fluff it up and make it look good and there is your finished bow. Now for my package, I've created the same layered effect with some of my gift-wrapping paper just using some of the different shades and whiffs of my paper so it really gives a nice 3D effect once I put my bow on top. So have fun mixing and matching different color combinations to create your own bow.