Make a Designer Bow

If you can make loops, you can make this bow. Stack the loops for a full and fabulous result.

-- It's really up to you on how you like your finished bow to look. What you need to do is just create loops now and create a circle with your ribbon. So what you will do is you'll take your hot glue gun and just give a little dab on the end and then just bring the other end of your ribbon and overlap it like this. Just hold it for a little bit, and there you've got a circle, and then, you'll just continue doing that with your other ribbons. I'm gonna take my biggest circle, and I'm going to find the seam and put another dot of glue right there, and I'm gonna flatten my circle out right now. Just like that. There! And then I'm gonna do the same thing with my next circle. Once you get the hang of this, you're never gonna wanna buy store- bought bows again. It's really a lot of fun, and they look great. What we're gonna do is we're just gonna stack these loops on top of each other. So, find your longest loop and put a little glue right on the center. Take your next shortest one and just stack it right on top. Just like that. Now, this bow is elegant enough to stand on its own, so I've added it to my gift right over here, and I've used some really beautiful metallic giftwrap paper. Any way you wrap it, this is one gift that's sure to get noticed.