Covered Canvas Art

This fast project idea takes only a canvas, fabric, and a staple gun. Plus, it's easy to change your style with each season.

Fabric is a great way to add color and pattern to a room, especially as affordable wall art. The next time you're at the fabric store, check out the sale bin. You'll be amazed what you can find for a discounted price on that rack. It's style by the yard. Look for fabric patterns that complement your room; stripes, graphic floral patterns work really great. Figure out what size of a canvas you want, and we're just gonna wrap the fabric around it. Cut the fabric, about maybe 2 inches wider than the canvas size that you need, and then align it from the reverse side. Try to find a leaf or a flower or stripe, so you can make sure your design is straight. Then you're gonna use a staple gun and wrap it similarly to how you wrap a package. Start at this end and staple just every few inches. Pull the fabric so that it's taut, but you don't wanna pull it so, so tight that you create these little ridges in it. That doesn't create a smooth look on the front. Do opposing edges first so that you get a nice smooth front, and you can do 1 frame like this, or you could buy 2 to 3 fabric coordinates, and hang a series of 3, and get your last staple in. Do this technique where you just pinch the edges together and then pull this corner, and just lay it down flat. Pull it straight into the center of the canvas. This will give you a nice smooth edge. It looks great from the front, rather than wrapping it and trying to square off the edges, which will layer your fabric too much and bunch up, and then the piece won't hang straight on your wall. Staple each edge here so that you get half the staple on the outside of the fold and half a staple on the inside. These are so lightweight; you don't have to have a lot of fancy hardware to hang them from the walls. A lot of them will just hang just from picture hangers, or you could even staple some eye hooks and wire on each end and then string it across, whatever is the least amount of work and the least damaging to your walls. There, you're all set. Hang 1 or hang a series. It's affordable art for your walls.