a Stylish Framed Memo Board

Build a Stylish Framed Memo Board

Put the emphasis on staying in touch with this clever memo board built from a picture frame, backing board, and cork.

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To frame up your family schedule, try this! You see memo boards everywhere, and lots of them are really expensive. I'm gonna show you how to customize a memo board that fits your family style, and it won't break the bank. It starts with a frame. You can get an antique version with patina or shabby chic looking frame or even a clean, simple modern one. Cut a piece of median-density fibreboard to size. Median-density fibreboard is a smooth plywood that's a lot less expensive than regular plywood. Next, loose some cork to the MDF. This is an adhesive that's made specially for corks, so we know it's gonna work. Put the thick layer on and secure them in place. When that's dry, it's time to move to the fabric. Place your fabric face down -- -- --