Build Handy Underbed Storage

Take out-of-season storage to a new low by adding casters to drawers -- and then sliding the slim storage units underneath beds.

To squeeze out every inch of extra space, try this. Look under your bed, if all you see is dust bunnies, you can make that place more useful by turning your drawer into under bed storage. I've got an old dresser drawer here along with some casters and screws. The key to this project is accurate measuring. So get a measurement under your bed and then measure the height of your dresser drawer as well as the height of your caster. Next, turn your drawer over. Converting this door into storage is really pretty easy. Make sure that your drawer is very sturdy; otherwise, you may need to cut a board to make it a little bit more stable. Set your casters on there and I predrill the holes here, just put to make sure that my wood doesn't split. And 3 screw then because this will be installed under your bed, they don't have to be great-looking, but if you wanna take the extra time, you could paint them and look like this one, which should be great for a little girl's room. It'll also be a lot of fun for your kids to join you in this project.