Design a Colorful Bulletin Board

Just say "no" to rectangles! This graphic bulletin board (made from ordinary cork coasters) will keep you organized in style.

Get organized with this graphic tape and a bulletin board. The basis of this project is just cork trivets that they found at the hobby store. They're nice and thick. You can get your pushpins in there. You can hang this on the wall, just like they are, but I'm gonna color coordinate mine with some spray paint. Pick 1 color or pick 2 or mix-and-match and give the cork a good spray. You may need to use a couple of coats to get the look you want. Now comes the fun part, putting them on the wall. You can kind of play around with these mixing and matching. When you find the arrangement that you like, you can use these adhesives squares to stick them to the wall. They are removable and they won't pull off your paints. When you're done, you've got a great graphic look that keeps you organized too.