Fold a Fitted Sheet in a Flash!

Learn how to turn your wadded-up sheets into sleek, easy-to-store rectangles of fabric - -each and every time.

For a neat and tidy linen closet, try this. There are 2 camps of fitted sheets; people who kind of wad them up and cram them in their closet, and people who actually fold them. I think it's really hard to learn from written directions, and 1 of the editors here recently taught me how to get a nice flat fold on a fitted sheet. So now, I'm going to show you. What you wanna do is find a corner and stick your finger in the point. Run your hand down the long side and find the other point. It's important to start off with the printed side in. Then you wanna bring the points together and fold 1 side over the other. You can kinda pinch the corner to hold onto it. You kinda shake that out and find your other corners and do the same. Put your finger in the point of 1, find the other point, then you're gonna wanna repeat the same process again. Just put those 2 points together and fold them on top of each other. It helps to kinda shake it out in between each step. Then you wanna lay it down on a flat surface and fold the ends in. You kinda smooth it out as you go also. Next, you're gonna fold it in half the long way and then fold it into 3rd. This is a great way to get a nice flat fold on a fitted sheet.