Transform a Chair into Storage

Storage doesn't have to be stuffy. By cutting an unwanted chair to a new size, you can create a clever shelf (and conversation starter) for any room.

To turn an unused chair into a savvy chic shelf, try this. Looking at old things are new ways to really save you some money, and I'm gonna show you how to take an ordinary chair like this 1 and turn it into something more useful. Before you start cutting anything, make sure that you measure the space you're gonna hang this. You don't wanna end up with a shelf that you can't use, but 1st of all, measure the height of a chair from the seat to the top of the back and then you're gonna wanna measure the width to make sure that you've got enough space here. Now you can get started by turning the chair over and cutting off the legs. Make sure to put safety glasses on. They're not super stylish, but they're very important. I'm gonna use a big saw, but if you don't have a big saw, you could also use a hand saw. When you're done sawing up all 4 legs, we're gonna measure the depths of the seat which will become your shelf. Think about the items that you're gonna place on the shelf so that you'd know how deep to make it. I'm gonna make this 1 about 7 inches deep. So mark it in 2 places on the back, and draw a straight line in between, and then you should just saw with a hand saw once again to cut on that straight line. You'll have something that looks like this. 1 good thing is you don't need to finish this edge at all because that's the side that's gonna be against the wall. To mount this, just attach some L brackets like this to the underside of the shelf that are free to uphold on both sides so that we won't slip the wood on the seat. Turn it around. You can display knickknacks over here or grace a pile over here. It's a great way to just place them in your kitchen or bathroom.