Make New Plants from Cuttings

You're just a snip away from new plants. Don't believe us? Just take a look at our almost foolproof tips for starting new plants from cuttings. Promise not to tell anyone? The secret can be summed up in one word: coleus.

To get more bang for your gardening box, try this. Instead of always buying new houseplants make the most for the one that you're already own like taking cutting. Cuttings will then grown to more plants that you can add all around your house, your garden, or say with your friend. One of the easiest plants to have success with is coleus. Not only it had a really colorful, but they come in all kinds of varieties and they grow really well inside and outside. So, you start by taking a couple of cuttings from your plant and I'm gonna snip it right above the joints right here, and then just strip off some of the leaf that are on the stem here and just put it in some water. Now, you can go a couple of ways here. You can put it into the water or you can put the cutting directly into the moist potting soil like that. Now, you can pot this also in sand, some perlite, or vermiculite, and this will reduce the chance of the developing root rot. When they've got in a good start, you can take them out into your garden or transplant them into containers. So, try taking cuttings from plants like coleus and multiply your greenery while saving some green in your pocketbooks.