Vacation-Care for Your Plants

Make sure your houseplants are still there to greet you when you return from your business trip or vacation getaway. Our exclusive tips will keep flowers and your other green companions looking their best when you can't be there to baby them.

That you can't really handle your plants while you're on vacation, so try this! If you're headed out-of-town for a while and you can't line up anybody to come in and will help water your plants, well, don't worry! You can make a makeshift terrarium to help your plants weather your long vacation. Now, first, start by giving your plants a good long soak the day before you're going to leave and remove any of the dead leaves and blooms that might be on your plants. Then, take a couple of bamboo sticks or actually I've used the metal hangers from my closet and cut them up, make a stick and then you just put them right into the pot, like this. And then take your plastic and carefully wrap it up and around like this and tuck the other side over to cover your plant. That way they can still kind of breathe a little bit. Now, the sticks will create a tent around your plant to trap the moisture. You just wanna make sure that the sticks are high enough to keep the plastic from actually touching the plant. You'll also wanna move your plants out of direct light and turn your thermostat down to give the best conditions possible while you're gone. You can do this with large individual plants or you can also group some of your smaller plants together and create 1 terrarium for them. Now, this sure can keep plants healthy for up to 3 whole weeks. So, relax and enjoy yourself. Your plants are doing fine while they're home alone.