Keep Garden Tools in Tip-Top Shape

Clean them, oil them, and store them properly to keep your garden tools looking and working like new. Take a look at our secrets for keeping your tools in the best shape possible, which will have them ready for use each spring.

It's time to spruce up your tools and get back into the garden. With a girl like me, you'll probably didn't take the time you should have last fall to carefully clean up all your garden tools. Well, it's not too late. I've got a great tip to get your tools looking good as new. Try this. Fill a pot up with some sand and mix in a lubricant like vegetable oil. And vegetable oil works really well because it's something everyone always has around the house and it's environmentally friendly. And then just kind of mix it up real good so the sand is all nice and moist. Then just knock off any of the dirt you might see on your tools and just stick it right in the pot. You wanna leave them there for about a couple of days or so and then just pull them out and polish them up with an old towel or some burlap. This idea is a great quick fix. Anytime you wanna polish up your tools, just make sure that you refresh the sand with your oil. It's also a great solution for wintering your tools. You just plant them right in the pot and leave them there the whole season. That way when spring rolls around, you won't be caught off guard with dirty tools.