Grow a Fragrant Windowsill Spa

Try growing scented geraniums on your kitchen counter or windowsill. These alluring houseplants put the scents of lemon, lime, rose, cinnamon, and even chocolate at your fingertips. Just pinch a leaf to release relaxing fragrance.

For some home-grown aromatherapy, try this. Scent your room with a fragrance of lemon, lime, rose, cinnamon, even chocolates and you're gonna do this with plants. Scented geraniums to be exact and your local greenhouse should carry them, but if not, there all kinds of places you can order on-line. And there are so many varieties to choose from. You'll have a lot of fun picking and choosing. And these geraniums make great houseplants because they're really easy to grow and you can have fun, you can rotate different scents throughout the kitchen and bath areas. Now, if you wanna know the secrets of the scents. It's not in the bloom, which you might first think. It's in the leaf. So you wanna give the leaves a nice little pinch or a rub and that will release the scent onto your hand and into the air. They do need a sunny spot to thrive, however, and you're gonna wanna keep them pinched back, so they don't get too overgrown and leggy, like this one here. But just go ahead and just pinch them back like this and it smells so good. But you'll get fuller foliage that way and of course you'll get more scents. Then, you can use these and mix them into your potpourri, you can add them to your bath or maybe just sit them on a sill and create your own little spa and fill your room with fragrance.