Grow a Quick Pet Treat: Wheatgrass

Plant an indoor garden for your dog or cat. Scatter a handful of wheatgrass seeds in a shallow container and watch them grow into a thick green stand of grass that any pet will enjoy nibbling.

To keep your cat happy and healthy, try this. Wheatgrass is easy to grow, grows quickly, and it's very versatile around the house. Now, this is wheatgrass seed. It's available from lots of different sources, but pet stores are actually a really good place to pick `em up because they've stock it for cat owners because as we know, cats are notorious grass eaters, and it's also a nice little bait and switch to keep them away from your nicer plant. Now, you can buy it pre-grown in containers like this or you can plant the seeds yourself. Just keep in mind that if you're going to plant it for your pet, you probably really don't have to have a very fancy container unless you have a very spoiled cat, but just pick up some of these reusable storage containers. They work really well. And then you're gonna wanna poke a couple of holes for drainage at the bottom or you can just put in a layer of these rocks for some drainage. And then you're gonna fill it up with some potting soil, and then just scatter your seeds. And go ahead and put a lot of seeds in there so you can get real full lush-looking grass like that. And then, finally just put a little bit more potting soil on top like that. Now if you have kids, it's a really fun project to try with them because you'll get grass growing in like 8 to 10 days. It grows really fast. And wheatgrass isn't just for your cat either. It's also great to decorate with, and you can try displaying grass in geometric containers like this and just line `em up and down your dining room table, and you'll be hip and trendy for your next dinner party. Another fun idea is to let the kids plant some grass in eggshells. Now these have been cleaned and dried, but I really think this is a fun idea, and it's a fresh way to decorate for spring.