Repot Your Cactus Without Pain

Transplanting your cactus to a new container can be a painless process if you just take a look at our insider's trick. The secret to getting your cactus from one pot to another is a rolled-up newspaper. Really!

How do you repot a cactus? Very carefully. It's actually a good problem to have, and that means that your plant is thriving and it needs a bigger space. But how do you maneuver around all those prickly spines? Well, I'm going to show you a safe and easy solution. First, get some newspapers and fold it into third. We're going to make some long strip right here and then, the amount of paper you need depends on how large the cactus is. Just make sure this is strip until sturdy enough to support your plant. Now, when you're choosing how big of a pot to transplant to, you could generally choose the next pot size up from the one your plant is already in. Anything larger than that will just be a waste of space. So, make sure first of all, my gown and my gloves and then, you wanna take a knife and make sure that you loosen up with soil surrounding the container here. It is always comes up, there. Now, put some more potting soil in the pot that you're going to transfer to that and then, wrap a cactus very carefully with your newspaper strips like this and then, just lift it out and transfer into your new pot and then, you're gonna wanna carefully fill in some more potting soil around the cactus carefully and then, takes away the newspaper, and you can use some decorative rock and put around the cactus. Now, your cactus has a little more breathing room and you've got yourself out of a sick situation.