Try an Invisible Trellis

String a simple strand of fishing line from the ceiling to help your climbing plants grow to new heights. The right string and the right plant will combine to produce spectacular results as your vines go up, up, and away.

To take a climbing vine to new heights, try this! Fishing wire, that's all it takes to create an invisible trellis, that gives you twining vines that foothold they need in order to climb, but just tie your fishing wire to a hook in the ceiling and then you'll just let it dangle down. And the plant will actually detect the wire's presence and will just grab on and start climbing. I mean, nature is really amazing. Now, if you want you could tie a sinker to the bottom of the fishing line to make it nice and straight, but you really don't have to do that. This is a great tip to use with morning glories, passion flowers, or mandevilla. Now, a bit of interesting trivia about these twining vines, certain species will only grow in certain directions, so if you've got a plant that grows in a counter-clockwise curl, you won't be able to train it to grow clockwise. It just won't do it. It's really weird. So test that on your own and create and easy invisible trellis that will take your plants to new heights.