Add Instant Messaging to Cabinets

Make your kitchen cabinets work harder by adding a family-friendly message center. All it takes is cork, chalkboard paint, and a little bit of time.

To get organized, try this instant messaging system. Message boards can get a little cluttered, so wouldn't it be nice to just shut the door and hide it? You can with these easy updates to your cabinets. I'm going to show you 2 simple ways to make your doors more functional. The first is cork. It's simple to work with and you can find it at any craft store or home supply place. You can even find them in these pre-cut panels. You don't have to do as much trimming to fit your cabinet door. Measure the inset panel on your door and then trim the cork to fit this space. I like to use a mat knife or carpet knife and you could probably use an X-Acto knife too. You can get spray adhesive that works well with cork at the craft store. Glue that right in and you've got an instant bulletin board. Another option is to paint the inside of your door with some blackboard paint. It's easy to keep choc candy in a cup right on the shelf of your cabinet; again, easy and useful. Mix and match these ideas and you can keep everybody in the house organized.