Bring Blooming Branches Inside

Cut a handful of branches from your winter or early spring garden and bring them indoors. Then use our handy instructions to force them into beautiful bloom. Our tips work for lilacs, forsythia, and other flowering shrubs.

Here's you chance to play Mother Nature and get a jump start on spring with blooming branches. Now, bulbs aren't the only things that you can force or trick in the thinking it's spring. If you've got some flowering bushes or trees in your yard, you can gather up the branches and force their blooms too, and the smell alone makes it worth it. Just use good sharp clippers to prune off enough branches for your needs, and then, I went out and actually got some lilac branches out of my yard, and now you're gonna soak them in warm water for about 6 hours. Now, once the branches have soaked, you're gonna put them in a vase and set the face in a nice, cool spot with some fresh, clean water in there. You need to plan ahead a little. The branches can take up to three weeks to bloom. Now, these apple blossoms look stunning on their own in a vase or you can mix them with some other flowers as a more traditional bouquet. So, branch off and try something new. [unk]