Create a Clever Coat Rack

Tired of picking coats, jackets, and keys off the floor? Then create an irresistible coat rack from simple wooden hangers.

To organize your hallway, try this! Repurpose wooden hangers into a customized coat rack. This project is pretty simple. Get started by cutting up one of the arms of the hangers just past the joint. Cut a nice straight edge so that it will fit tightly against your backer board. What I would do is measure a line, about an inch and a half out from the joint in the hanger, and make sure that it's straight and parallel with the joint. Then, put your safety glasses on. And I'm gonna use a jigsaw to cut it, but you could use a hand saw. When you're done cutting, you're left with the one arm and the hanging hook. When you turn it upside down, you can see how it's going to be double duty for you. Now, you need to attach the hangers to the backer board. I've got a made-up plank, which will allow me to get 4 hangers on there. Attach your hangers to the board by screwing them from behind. What I've done is predrilled 2 holes in my backer board that line up with the 2 holes that I've predrilled in my hanger. You will need to put one screw in all the way, so it's tight against the back, flip your board over, and line up your hole with the screw, and twist your hanger on until it feels secure. Then, you can flip it over and screw in your second screw. Then, simply add some heavy duty picture hangers to the back, and you're ready to mount this to the wall. It's a project you can really hang your hat on, and your coat, and your keys.