Create Your Own Stepping Stones

It's easy, fast, and fun to create your own stepping stones from a couple of containers and a bag of quick-mix concrete. Really make the pavers something special by casting leaves, stones, shells, and more into the surface.

Catch your special memories by making your own stepping stones for the garden, and if you're a parent out there, this is a really easy and fun project to work on with your kids. First, you're gonna start with the form. Now, I'm using these big round dog dishes of all things that I've picked up at a discount store, but you really could use any kind of container with any kind of shape and size for your stepping stones. Now, pour a thin layer of slightly damp sand at the bottom here. Next, you're gonna create your design, and this is where the fun comes in. You could use marbles for this. You could use some rocks that you collected with your kids, or maybe some seashells from your last vacation. So, I'm gonna put some seashells right in here. Like that. Now, you can also use some big leaves or flowers, and they'll peel right off the stepping stone, and they leave a really beautiful impression, kind of like a fossil. So, now, you'll need some cement. So prepare your Quikrete according to the package directions, and then, you're just gonna pour it directly over a good layer of sand. And then you'll just want to fill it up to the rim, and then you'll wanna level it off here. Like that. Now, you're gonna wanna let everything dry for 2 or 3 days, and then they just pop right out, and into your garden. It's a step in the right direction to personalizing your yard.