Grow Potatoes and Save Space Too

Homegrown potatoes are easy and take less space than you ever thought possible with our put-it-in-a-pot instructions. Just keep topping up your container as the plant grows and you'll have fresh, wholesome, homegrown potatoes in no time.

Try this space-saving tip. Plant potatoes in a pot! Potatoes can take up a lot of room in a garden. So, if you wanna use a space for other vegetables or you don't have a lot of space in your garden to start with, try this! All you need is a nice, deep container like this one. It's got some nice, good drainage. Now, when it comes to the type of potato to plant, make sure you get seed potatoes from the garden supply source. Baking potatoes from the grocery store may have actually been treated with chemicals, so they won't germinate. So, choose your favorite variety of seed potatoes, and I've got a blue potato, right here. And you're gonna cut them into quarters. And when you cut them into quarters, make sure that each of the quarters have a couple of eyes in them. So then, you're just gonna fill your container, about a third of the way up with some potting soil, and then just put your potatoes in the pot, and then pick up some potting soil and put a layer on top of the potatoes. Now, if you can imagine this stick is your seedling, once they get to be about 6 inches of growth showing, you're gonna layer more dirt, covering up the new growth. That forces the seedling to send out shoots underground where your potatoes actually grow. You're gonna repeat that layering until your pot is finally full, each time, bearing the new growth, to get new shoots for more potatoes to develop. Now, keep the pot watered well, with plenty of sunshine. This is a great project for the deck or patio, and one that will really yield some tasty results!