Ribbon Organizer

Instant Ribbon Organizer

Who knew an ordinary paper-towel holder could solve so many storage problems? You'll never need to search for ribbon, string, or tape again.

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Looking for a way to organize your odds and ends? Try this. Ever looked at something and say why didn't I think of that? Paper towel holders are a great way to organize your stuff in a classroom or workroom. A standup version like this has all kinds of really practical uses and makes the perfect ribbon organizer. I don't know about you, but my ribbon drawer is a tangled mess. Another use for these is to organize your twine. It's a great way to keep everything in one spot. Seems like twine and string end up in 50 different places in the house, and this is a great landing spot for them. One other use that it has is tape. Tape it right over the top and you always know where they are. Sometimes, the best toward solutions are the simplest ones.