a Shutter for Sorting Mail

Use a Shutter for Sorting Mail

Getting bored with piling your mail on the kitchen table? Then create a new use for an old shutter by turning it into a wall-hung inbox.

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Try this easy alternative to an inbox. With a little imagination, you can recycle all kinds of flea market things into useful storage. I found this withered-looking shutter at a local architectural salvage spot. It's got great character and with 1 easy addition, it's going to have a whole new life. I measured the dimensions of the back of the shutter and then cut a piece of cardboard the same size. I spray-painted it a similar color and I'm simply going to attach it to the back with some tacks. Flip over the shutter and attach the cardboard to the back. You wanna make sure that the painted side of the cardboard is facing down in line to that and use thumbtacks to stick it to your shutter. When all the tacks are in place, you can turn it over and it makes a great way to store letters and mail and it really keeps me more organized.