Boost a Bookshelf's Style

Add a backsplash of color to a boring bookshelf. Follow the easy instructions to add a pop of personality to any room using inexpensive scrapbooking paper.

To give bookshelves a boost, try this. Turn a plain old shelving unit into something special by adding a back splash of color with scrapbook paper. Now, scrapbooking papers are one of the best buys out there right now. And they come in almost endless colors and cool designs for adding your style. So select your paper, and then you're gonna need some decoupage glue. Now before you get started, you wanna take a little bit of time and lay out your paper to create the design you want. And I'm gonna use these 2 pieces of this pretty green scrapbooking paper. Now, lay the paper down, just lay it up at the top like I did here and then smooth it down, and as you see, I'm gonna have to cut it. You can either just kinda use your fingernail to create a bigger location for the cut. But what I like is using this ruler gives you a nice, smooth, exact fold like this. And then what you're gonna do is take your X-Acto knife and cut along here. You're ready to use the decoupage glue to attach the paper to the shelving. So what I'm gonna do is I've already cut down my shelving paper and matched the seams. Take one of these sponge brushes that you can get at craft stores. And you know, I like to dampen them a little bit. It seems like that way, they really absorb the glue more. And it's good to give it a fairly heavy coat so when it dries, it will dry smooth against your shelving paper. And you can see, I'm covering up some old wallpaper that someone had put in here earlier, which shows you that can take any kind of furniture and give it your own spin and your own style. Now you gonna wanna lay the paper into position and start at the top. And make sure your top is lined up in the corners. And then, just smooth it down at the bottom. And you know, since I have a seam there, I'm gonna put just a little bit more decoupage glue over this, just so the seam doesn't come up. Now, you could get the same effect using wallpaper, but I think this is pretty straight forward without a lot of fuss. And I think scrapbooking paper provides more trendy designs and as well, more book smart.