Cool Faux Coral

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature, but it's fun! Turn a simple sea sponge into a stunning piece of pricey "coral." You won't believe how real it looks or how much money you'll save by faking it.

Take a decorating cue from the deep blue sea and try this! Beautiful natural elements bring so much to any room's décor, and coral is a trend you're seeing everywhere. The problem, real coral is really expensive! You know, and you would never do this with it. So what's the secret? Sea sponges! Light, inexpensive, and best of all, virtually unbreakable! Now, to create your faux coral, you're gonna need some sea sponges and a couple of colors of paint; and I've got red and orange here, and we're gonna blend them together to give us a beautiful coral finish. So, to get started, we're gonna spray on a base of red. Now, you wanna stay about 6 inches away as you spray the sea sponge. You might need to turn it a couple of times to get a good coating. We're gonna go ahead and do this. So, I'm just gonna let that dry here. Now, I've got one that I've already let dry and now, I'm going to sponge the sponge. So, I'm gonna take a little sponge and dip it into my orange, and then you kinda wanna pat it a little bit on a paper to get any big blobs of paint out of that. And then, you're going to highlight areas on your sponge. And you don't have to be perfect when you do this because nature typically isn't perfect. So when you're finished, you've got a beautiful piece of coral, but no one would ever suspect isn't the real thing. Display it on its own under a bell jar or it also looks really pretty with other pieces from the shore, some shells and some sand in a tall glass vase. See?