No-Sew Cafe Curtains

Skip the sewing machine and warm up your iron. Your own custom cafe curtain is just a few simple steps away.

To jazz up your windows, try this! You don't have to know how to sew to whip up these easy little café curtains. You do need to know the height and width of your window though. Now, the fabric for your curtain needs to be half the height of your window and 2 inches wider than your window. Now, I promise it's all the math you're gonna need to know for this project. You definitely need your iron though, so get that plugged in and warmed up, and I've got mine on the silk setting. Then, cut your fabric to the right dimensions. If you have some pinking shears, you may wanna use them just to cut down on any of the fraying. Now, I'm ready to suppress a 1-inch fold all the way around my curtains. Let's get your iron here, and I've already premeasured a 1-inch fold. Here is the best part, no sewing. No need to lug out your sewing machine because you're going to use hem tape. And I love this stuff because it fuses the fabric together and keeps your fold in place for a no-sew hem. It's great. You use the crease as your guideline, and you're going to lay your tape up along the crease, like this. Fold over your fabric, like this, and then iron. And I like to snip off the hem tape after ironing it into place. In that way, it kinda has a tendency sometimes when you iron that the hem tape will kind of shrivel into the fabric area, and so, if you wait until you cut it at the end, you'll be guaranteed that you'll have enough of the hem tape showing so the fabric doesn't fray. We're just gonna iron all away around your curtains. Now, I wanna show how easy it is when you come to a corner. We're gonna create a simple box fold. So what you're gonna do is you just gonna take 1 seam and fold it over the other. It is easy as that, and it looks really nice. It cuts down on a lot of the fraying. It just has a nice simple edge there for a box fold. Now, you're ready to hang your curtains, and I've got some clip on curtain rings over here. And what you're gonna do, is you're gonna find the center of your finished curtain. So just fold it over and find the middle. Keep that mark and clip on your curtain ring. And then, you will work your way out to the edges. And I'm just gonna eyeball it, but if you're stickler, you could measure it. Now, you just string it on to a tension rod and hang it in your window. Now, you've got some lovely café curtains, and you didn't even have to take a single stitch.