Party Plates

...and glasses...and bowls! Create your very own themed tableware for any occasion. All you do is cut, peel, and stick! Get your guests in on the "work" for a fun party project.

Make your decorating the life of the party, try this! Add an instant theme to your tableware with contact paper of all things. And it comes in all kinds of colors so it's easy to match any of your dinner party themes. As you can see, I'm in the Fourth of July spirit here with these funky red stars and blue stripes on the plates, some clear glasses, you know, and even this large white bowl to hold ice and sodas for the holidays. I think it looks really good. Now you could also do green shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day, red hearts for Valentine's Day, or you know, just about any shape for any day. Now, you're gonna trace your pattern on the contact paper. And I've got some stripes here. And you just need to peel off the backing and start sticking. And I'll place it here on this glass here. And you know, you can even save some of this decorating for your dinner guests when they arrive. They can have fun doing that. And I think kids especially would have a blast creating their own tableware. If you're decorating a plate for food, what you'll need to do is actually just use it for the charger. And then you're gonna put a clear plate on top of that for the food. So it looks like that. Just remember that this is a one-time use. And you'll need to just peel off the contact paper before you put it into the dishwasher. So start thinking of a theme for your next party and create customized table settings that you're not stuck with permanently.