Stylish Shades

Simple Stylish Shades

It doesn't get much easier than this! Put place mats to work on your windows or walls -- all it takes is a hole-punch and a little imagination.

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For quick stylish window shades, try this! Use placemats, and they're great because they come in so many styles, colors, and texture, and there are quick and creative solution for not a lot of money. And these work really well as an accent for a small window. These are some fun acrylic placemats that I got, and all I'm gonna do is I'm just going to take a sharp paper punch and punch holes all along one of the sides. So, what I'm gonna do is find the center, and actually this works really easily, because I've got graphic circles here that can guide me to the center and cut. And it might not go through the fist time, but that one did. If you have problems, what you can do is flip it over to the other side and go from the other angle to get a nice hole there. Now, I'm gonna go to this one on the end and do the same thing. Like that! And then my last corner over here and cut my hole. Then, I'm gonna attach some curtain rings, and I'm actually using some shower curtain rings, and you're just going to string them in like this. And then, it's ready to hang on your curtain rod. Now, depending on the size of the window, you might just need 1, or you can hang them in a series. My window actually required 3, so I've got 3 of these placemats here for my curtain. And another cool idea is to connect the whole series of placemats to create some wall art like I've done back here, or a room divider. So, get those old placemats out of your drawer and give 'em the old 1-2 punch.