Stressless Stripes

Don't stress over stripes. Use this surprisingly simple idea to get crisp, clean edges every time. You never even pick up a paintbrush!

To add interest to any room, try this! Simple stylish stripes and you won't even have to touch a paint brush, I promise. Vinyl tapes are available in all kinds of widths and all kinds of colors, so you have lots of options to choose from. Now, I'm gonna add some stripes to this really modern black shelving unit here. I know these shelves work really well because the depth makes for more area to show off my stripes! What you're gonna do is you gonna start with your tape and stick it to the bottom of your unit, the place that will go up against your wall. And you want to smooth out the air bubbles as you go, and you're just gonna run it all the way along here. If you find yourself going crooked at any point, you can easily just peel back the tape to your starting point then just re-stick it down. It's very forgiving! It's just great. Also, the nice thing about vinyl tape is that the edges are nice and clean. It would be really hard to get these nice clean edges with a paint brush. And then rotate it around, making sure my air bubbles are out. Alright! And then just take your scissors and cut, and there you go! Now, you can have all kinds of fun with stripes and colors and, you know, you can even make a basket weave design. And you don't have to stick to shelving. You could create a great graphic look along a wall or boost a piece of furniture. And another bonus to using tape, when you get tired of the look, there's no mess or hassle like there is with painting. It just pulls right up and you're ready to try something new.