'Sun'sational Prints Project

Make a lasting impression with this artsy science project. The sun does the work, with a little help from photo-sensitive paper, and you get truly one-of-a-kind prints.

Wanna get a big reaction to your artwork? Try this! Use photosensitive paper to create one of a kind masterpiece. Now, the key to this project is finding objects with really distinct detailed outlines. Like this beautiful fern here or oak leaf. That's gonna leave the prettiest impression on your photosensitive paper. Now, the paper itself is something you can find at a hobby or craft store and it usually comes in a kit. So, what you're gonna do is you're gonna lay your piece of cardboard down and then lay your photosensitive paper on top of that. Now, I'm gonna use this starfish and then take my plexiglass that came with the kit and it's just as easy as that. And then you're just gonna take it out in the sun. Now, the recommended times can vary. So, just follow the manufacture's instructions. Mine just took about 2 minutes. And then you bring the paper back in and you're gonna rinse it under cool water for about a minute. And then you just let it dry! And that it! Now, here are some of the results. As you can see the paper reacts to the object and that leaves really pretty impressions. And I really like how this oak leaf left impression on the photosensitive paper. It's also kind of fun for kids. It's like a science fair project at the same time. And you know what I think would be fun is framing up a whole series of the same object and hanging them on a wall. It's a bright idea for creating a lasting impression with your artwork.