Wallpaper Hangings

Hang funky wallpaper on wooden dowels if you want creative artwork without spending a lot of money.

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Add well to your walls without making a dent in your budget. Wallpaper is a fantastic material to use to hang a wall art because it comes in so many patterns and so many different colors, and the width is precut for you. All you have to do is measure it to the length that you need, and you're ready to go. You're going to secure the top and bottom with a dowel rod. These are just from the craft store, cut into the length that you need just to make firm and insert too longer on each ends of your paper. I just spray painted this 1 white to pick up on the leaf and the dragonfly motif in the paper. Position this with the top. Now make sure that you cut the top and bottom of the paper with a straight edge because if you cut the top in a paper straight, the project will hang straight. Tuck it under a little bit. Roll the paper. Cut it there. And then use a staple gun to secure the paper in place. Just staple every few inches in here. -- to the top and secure the wallpaper around the dowel with a little bead of glue. Just run it down the top of the dowel just to secure it and tuck that little edge under neatly. Then you could get ready to hang it, take a piece of decorative cord, pick something that picks up on the excellent color on the wall covering or something else in your room, and then just tie it as a loose around each ends, and maybe just put a little, make up a little decorative knot. Do it to that side, and this side again, and then hang it from the hook on the wall. You can hang a single panel or you can do multiple creating an even bigger impact.