Vintage Window = Chalkboard Planner

Organize your family's schedule by taking an old window (glass removed) and adding a backer board covered with chalkboard paint.

For a clear view of your upcoming week, try this easy transformation. This old 6-pane window frame is getting a makeover to make it more useful. You can find windows at garage sales and flea market, and lots of times, the glass is gone which is actually a good thing in this project. Turn your window over and measure the backside of it. You're gonna wanna cut a piece of 1/2-inch medium-density fiberboard to fit the back of the window. Medium-density fiberboard is a smooth-surfaced plywood that is less expensive than regular plywood. You're gonna wanna paint the MDF with a couple coats of chalkboard paint, which I have already done here, and be sure and follow the directions on your can. And when you're done with that, you're going to attach it to your window. Put the painted side down and line it up with the edge of your window. You're gonna screw it on. I've already predrilled some holes so that I don't split the old wood on the window frame. Screw it in. And when you're all done, you've got a really unique weekly calendar.