Locker Accessories

Glam up a locker with these easy projects. Make a fun beaded mirror, create cute bottle-cap "text" messages, and recycle old CDs into a clever photo display.

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Wanna give a school locker a lift? Try this. I've got 3 easy projects that all use magnets, and they'll definitely add some personality to a locker. Every girl needs a mirror in her locker, and I'm gonna take a plain ordinary mirror and make it a beaded mirror. All you need is just your plain mirror, which if it doesn't already have a magnet on the back, make sure you add a nice sturdy heavy magnet to the back of the mirror. You don't want your mirror sliding down in your locker. Now, I've added double stick tape around the edge of my mirror, and I've already put this first layer of fringe on, but I'm just gonna seal it down and wrap it around the edges, which gives us a really nice straight line. Now comes the beads. I've picked up this little bottle of beads at my local craft store, and I'm just going to take them and pour them right unto the mirror. Now the closer you can get to the tape, the better. I'm just gonna pour them right on. Just lay them right onto that tape and scatter them across the entire edge. Once you get some beads on there, just take your finger and pat along the edge, and they'll kind of spread out, and just keep on adding the beads until you have this beautiful beaded creation. Now I'm gonna move on to my next project, which are these little bottle-capped text messages. I have taken these bottle caps, which I've actually gotten in the scrap booking aisle, but you can use a natural bottle cap from your pop bottle as well, and I'm first gonna take them and trace them over these little words and phrases that I've printed off of my computer. I've used color paper, which adds that extra popping pizzazz, and I'm just gonna trace around the edges of the bottle cap. Next, I'm going to cut them out. When you cut them, make sure to stay inside the lines. This will make them fit right inside your bottle cap, which will be a lot easier than trying to trim it afterwards. So just cut around the edges of the circle, flip over a bottle cap, add a little glue. You can kinda spread out the glue with your finger inside the bottle cap, and then take your little message, and press it right inside the bottle cap. After you get done with that I've used adhesive magnets. I'm just going to stick them right on the back. These are perfect for your kids to leave messages in their friend's lockers in between classes. My final project is my absolute favorite. I'm gonna show you how to make an adorable CD picture frame holder. All you need for this is a couple of old CDs. We're gonna use the shiny side. And then, I've also chosen some really cute scrapbook paper, which all kinda coordinates. So I'm gonna take and I'm gonna trace around the cup that's just smaller than your CD so you get a nice circle, and then I've used my decorative scissors to create a funky edge. This is kind of a nice touch and will add some pizzazz to your CDs. So after I get done with that, I'm gonna use my double stick tape again, and I'm gonna just make an X on the back of the CD. Just gonna stick this right on the middle of my CD. Next, I'm going to add a picture. I'm just gonna make another little tiny X, and your friend…and your teens can do this with their friend's pictures, with family pictures, cut outs from magazines. It's a super easy project. So next, we're gonna attach it to the ribbon. I'm just gonna sprawl out a length of ribbon here and cut off the ends with some scissors. Give it kind of a nice cut on the top. And then, I'm gonna actually hot glue each CD to the ribbon. It will stay on, and it will be nice and sturdy. Now to add the magnet, I've added a magnet to the top of the CD and actually every other CD just so it stays on your locker door nice and tight. These 3 easy projects will look great in a locker. They also would make great gifts for your teens to give or look awesome in their bedrooms. I'm sure they will have a ton of fun with these projects.