Create a Custom Lunchbox

Say "so long" to the boring brown-bag lunch. Use simple stickers to transform a kid's lunchbox into something special.

Wanna make back-to-school lunches more fun? Try this! I'm gonna take an ordinary, plain lunch box that you can buy at your local grocery store or at your discount store and turn it into a one-of-a-kind creation. This is a super easy project that you can do with your kids, and even if they're still preschool-age and they just wanna have a fun lunch box, this is a perfect project for them. So first, I'm gonna take this plain, ordinary lunch box that you can pick up at your grocery store or discount store, and I'm just gonna add some stickers on it. I'm making this one for my friend's son, Alex, who loves sports. So, I'm just taking these plain number stickers, put his jersey number on it, and on the other side, I already added his name. Now, the stickers should stand pretty well, but if you want to add an extra, dab a hot glue underneath. Go ahead and do that. Just make sure mom does the hot gluing. So, there're tons of other ways that you can embellish the lunch box. I love this funky foam and kids will too. They can layer it on top of it and it comes in boys' themes and girls' themes and you can pretty much do whatever you place and on top of it, put adhesives so it sticks right to the boxes. There're also a lot of cool fun shapes that you can add; rhinestones give you a little bling like I have here, or with this, I've added it along the edges of the entire flower. Now that your kid has their own personalized lunch box, they may not only wanna be trading their lunches, but also their lunch boxes.