Furniture Facelift

Give old furniture a facelift with a fresh texture. All it took was a table runner to inspire this new look for a side table. Watch to see what projects this idea inspires you to take on!

To give old furniture a facelift, try this! Now this chic little side table started out looking pretty plain and drab, but with a little imagination, it got a whole new look. Now, this really is a facelift because that's what we're highlighting here, the faces of the furniture. Now, I found this cool vinyl leaf at a discount store, and it's actually part of a table runner. So you could also use grass cloth to give it some texture and color, but I think this leaf that I've found gives it a nice contemporary look. To get started, you just unscrew the old knob, and then you're going to measure the front of the drawer. Now, I've already cut out the size of my vinyl leaf. I'm going to spray on some epoxy glue. You wanna give a nice, even coat. And then you're gonna place the material on the drawer. Now, depending on your material, you might wanna precut a little hole where the drawer pull will screw in. After you let that dry, you can either screw on the old knobs, or you could replace them with some new knobs and give it a complete facelift. I'm gonna screw on a new one. You could just stop after doing the fronts of the drawers, or you could continue on and cover the insets on the sides and backs, like I did over here. Isn't that amazing how different this little side table looks? It really does have a fresh new face.