Buttons and Bouquets

For a fresh take on a floral centerpiece, try this neat trick. Learn how to "float" your flowers in buttons...or candy, or shells. The secret is so simple you'll use it again and again.

For a fresh take on a floral centerpiece, try this! Looks like the flowers are floating in buttons, right? Well, take a second look. Because that's the secret to this project, a second hidden vase. It's a vase within a vase. And this is so easy to put together. You're just gonna find 2 vases that can easily nest inside each other. And what you're gonna do is the inner vase should be a little smaller and that's gonna hold your water and your flowers, and you're just gonna put that inside your larger vase, and then go ahead and put some water into it. And this way, it's gonna anchor it down when you start to fill around it, like this. Another little tip I like to is that I take this little cup and I'm gonna put it over the water, so that way, when you start filling it up, you're not gonna get buttons all over your water. What I'm gonna do is just start scooping in my buttons into the space in between the inner vase and the outer vase. And you know, hobby stores sell these, so they're really easy to find. And you know, if buttons aren't your thing, you could also use some colored candies or some seashells, or maybe some rocks. You're gonna wanna make sure that you have enough to fill it up, so you can't see the inner vase. You wanna create that illusion that the flowers are anchored into your buttons. Alright! So, now, you're ready to add your flowers. And you know, really, any type of flower can work, but I really like these white tulips. I think along with the white buttons, it makes it look really classy and elegant. And as you can see, you've hidden your inner vase! Now, it's all buttoned up, and looks great, so give it a try!