Shortcut Your Way to Cinna-Buns

Shortcut your way to quick, easy, warm cinnamon buns by trying this recipe.

Next time you want some homemade cinnamon buns, just try this. So I just rolled out some bread dough on my flowered surface to a nice rectangle. I'm gonna brush with a little butter, and then sprinkle some cinnamon and sugar. 1 thing I'd like to do is actually use a little brown sugar with my cinnamon and sugar. It gives it kind of a caramelly flavor that's really yummy. And then I'm just gonna roll it up starting from the long side. Alright, so now that we've got it mostly rolled up, then you just wanna bring up the other side. Make sure you have it nice and pinched together; otherwise, it might come apart as it's baking. Okay, so once that's done, just make a circle and then I'm gonna take the 2 ends and just pinch them together again, and I'm just gonna take my kitchen shears and make some cuts all the way around the circle. So you wanna cut almost to the other ends, but not through. You wanna leave a little bit of space. And what I'd like to do is make them about 1 inch apart, kinda think about, you know, what size of roll you would want. Now as I make my cuts, the circle is gonna get a little bigger, and that's okay. You kinda want that. Do you have that made the ring look a lot bigger, so all you're gonna do now is simply take each little rolls and kind of tilt it to the side, and as you're doing that, I'd like to kind of lift out the circle a little bit to make it a little bigger. That way, it still has room to grow. So you can brush it with some beaten egg if you'd like to make it a little bit shiny, and that helps to get it a little bit more browned up too. Then I'm just gonna bake it in 350, and then it comes out looking really beautiful. Now what I'd like to do to put a finishing touch on, and by the way, this is best if you serve it warm, is to dribble it with a little bit of powdered sugar icing or a cream cheese frosting, whatever kind of frosting you like best. I'm just gonna use a plastic bag, cut a little hole in the corner and drizzle this over my rolls. It just makes for a really spectacular finish.