Fashion Crafting

How you can express yourself and embrace your personal style through fashion crafting.

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Here's another great story from, Home, Family, Life. Oh, we all heard of indie films and indie music. Now, there's indie crafting. Its' the hottest trend right now and it's everywhere. The boutiques are selling it and the celebrities are wearing it. And now, you can do it all by yourself and there is no such thing as a mistake. Can you imagine that? Two-time Emmy award winner and home art expert Terry O, is here with us on Better to show us how to recreate the hippest looks right at home. How you doing? I'm doing great! Welcome to the show. Thanks for having me! Hip woman showing us the hippest looks here. Yup. We're talking about crafts here. It's really a way for people to express themselves, right? Absolutely, that's what indie crafting is. You know what it's funny because it's kind of like a new term, Right. but people who are crafting have been doing it. Oh yeah. And repurposing forever. I know. I mean that's what indie crafting is. Uh huh. Taking stuff that you have, that you love, that you don't wanna throw away, giving it a new look or taking tools and materials that you already have Right. And using them for different things. Kind of giving it new life, right? Absolutely. It's a way for people to express themselves. Absolutely. A lot of people don't realize that this is National Craft Month, right? That's right. Okay. March is National Craft Month. I love it very much. What do you have here for us? Well, I'll tell you what that whole repurposing thing Uh huh. is so hot right now Right and it's really about taking found elements Okay. and turning them into something spectacular. This is beautiful. That purse was I tell you what it was a yard sale item with It was? It was with some felt and some embellishments. Okay. It really has turned into what I think is a piece of art. It's stunning. It looks completely different obviously than what it was Absolutely. when you began. And not very much money at all. Okay. Because what we use was the fabric fusing glue. Okay, Uh huh. So it's having the right tools and knowing what to use. Right. The cowboy boots, okay, they were old, worn out was given new life with paint. Now, Oh, my gosh! what's important to know is that the paint that was used it's called So Soft Paint. Okay. Meaning that it's flexible. It's not gonna crack or anything. It's not gonna crack. You're not gonna spend all that time decorating That wouldn't be kidding Right, and then it falls apart. I have to ask you about this boot. How did you get the designs on this particular boot? Your not gonna believe it, it's rubber stamps. Rubber stamps? Rubber stamps, yeah. But the paint actually sticks to this whatever material is it you're using? Absolutely. The paint was called Stays -- when they go to buy the materials. They don't know where to begin. Right. Well, here's what I love. You know look for packaging. Look for things that all come that come together so now in this packaging all of your colors are there. You don't have to worry about. And that's what you got here too, so what you do is I laid them out. you take them out and you pretty much just start stringing, am I right? You just start stringing 'em. Okay. I mean it's like stringing popcorn. Whatever your pattern is, whatever you like, right? That's it. You know, there's no rhyme or reason behind it. And you got a picture here, which I loved. It's a little picture of a baby that says I'm queen at the bottom, right? I know. Isn't that cute? Now, this is actually for what we call patera pendants, okay. Uh huh. This is for this project -- fill the entire, whoops! You wanna do it better than I did. That's okay. And you're gonna fill the entire bend Okay. with the diamond glaze and then you go in and pop your bubbles so you don't have any bubbles and by the time it dries It's gonna be clear. your pendant is gonna look like this, right here. I'm gonna keep working at this here with you because I have to figure out how to do it, Terry. Don't stay don't go anywhere. It's easy! Stay with us. I know you can do it. I know. Okay, if you wanna be inspired by other unique and creative indie fashions just pick Terry O's Easy Embellishing. It's available in bookstores now. This has been We're always on with tips and ideas to make your life better. Send us your thoughts, ideas at Together, we'll make your home, family, and life better. Thanks for watching.