Glass Stones

Here's a simple project to create a beautiful momento for the fridge.

Here's another great story from Home, family, life. Okay, grab the kids and some glue, we've got a fun Try This project. That's gonna show you how to create a simple memento perfect for the fridge, and you got probably a few things on the fridge. Only about, you know a half dozen-- Dozen or so? Yeah. Kathleen Sulenski shows us how to do it. Looking for a quick and easy craft project? Try this. Now first, we're gonna start by getting some glass stones at your local craft store, but you can usually find them in the floral section and they come in a huge bag like this. So, you'll have plenty of stones for your magnets. Now, what we're gonna do is just lay your magnets across a drawing. Your kids can make a drawing. You can use a clip art from your computer. You can even use a tiny little photo, and just set them across and it creates a really cool effect when you put your stones on top of your images. It really magnifies it. Then, you're just gonna trace 'em around the stone, and this is a really great project for your kids to try and practice their tracing skills, and then, cut that out. Now, when we glue them on, we're gonna just use plain crafts glue, and you just kinda of cut it on the stone on the back, and then rub it in with your fingers. I'm sure your kids will love to get their fingers on that glue. Then, you just place your image on a paper plate and set the stone right on top of the image, and then pick it right back up. Just leave it upside down like that to dry. After it's done drying, you can add the magnet. I found magnets that already have adhesive on the back. So, I just peel it off and stick it right on. Now, there's tons of different ideas that you can do to make a collection of your very own. You can use ABCs and 123s for your tiny tots or you can have your kids do their own drawings, which you will be able to display all over your fridge. For your older teens, try using scrapbook paper. Scrapbook paper creates a really funky patterns underneath and are super fun. This is a project that I'm sure will stick around for a long time. Thank you for watching Please e-mail us your thoughts, ideas at Together, we'll make your home, family, and life better.