Binder Decoration

Save a little green and redecorate an old binder for school. Better TV shows you how.

Hard to believe, but it's just about time to get back to school, and if you wanna save a little green and be green this year, try decorating an old binder. Better Homes and Gardens editor Kathleen Sulenski says, try this. Wanna give binders a boost? Try this. I've got an easy project where you can take an ordinary binder that most kids have to use in school and give it an extra pop of personality. We're gonna use these stretchy book covers, which you can buy at your office supply store, they're meant to go over books, so to put 'em over the binder, we're gonna stretch 'em out a little bit, and then just wrap it right along your binder. After you get that done, you will have a nice snug fit and it'll add that extra pop of color for the plain binder. Now that we've got some color, I'm gonna add some embellishments. I went to my local craft store and browse the scrapbook aisle and found tons of awesome themes. I'm gonna make this one flower themed, and to withstand the wear and tear of lockers and backpacks, I'm gonna add a dab of hot glue on the back. Make sure if you're doing this with your kids, that you're supervising during the hot gluing. I'm just gonna put the flower on and add these other stickers. This is a great project for your friends, for your kids to do with their friends before school starts so that they can all have matching binders or they can relate them to their subjects when they get ready for back to school time. Now that we're done embellishing, I'm gonna add some yarn, which is a really cool way for your kids to be able to slide their pictures or notes right inside their binders. So, I'm gonna take my yarn and I'm going to hot glue it to the top corner inside, just put a dab of hot glue on, and place my end of my yarn right in the glue, and just let it set for a few minutes. Now that it's dry, I'm gonna just take my scissors and snip off the end of the yarn. It's much easier to wrap if you're not dealing with the whole ball of yarn. So, then, you're just gonna wrap it around the front and you can do whatever designs you want. Just wrap it tightly around the front. You wanna make sure you can keep it in certain areas or you can just pull it wherever you want. Go around one more time, and it's nice and tight on both sides so that it can slip, so that your kids can slip in notes, and then to finish it off, just add another dab of hot glue on the back and let it dry. This is a super easy project that kids of all ages can do. They'll definitely be hitting the books in style. For more Try This ideas, head to our website and click on the Try This channel. This has been We're always on with tips and ideas to make your life better. Send us your thoughts, ideas at Together, we'll make your home, family, and life better. Thanks for watching.