Easter Craft Ideas

Parents Magazine has a few Easter craft ideas to entertain and delight your children.

Here's another great story from better.tv. Home, family, life. After your kids tear through their baskets, how about a craft to keep 'em busy and entertained on Easter morning. Parents Magazine lifestyle editor Amanda Kingloff is here with a great project that's not only fun, it'll make a great centerpiece on your Easter dinner table. Hey, it's good to have you back Hi, thanks for having me. Now, let's start with these adorable Easter eggs. No glue necessary for these eggs. No glue necessary. I love this project. All of the little adornments are all sprinkles, and they're actually attached with just corn syrup. That's it? That's it. And they stay, just like glue. And they stay perfectly. You just use a little paintbrush. Uh huh. And you don't do it like you would do any other craft with glue. And then-- Yeah. Go ahead, you use any kind of sprinkles. And then, you can use sprinkles, you can use icing as glue also. We used icing here for the hair. That looks really cute. Yeah, they're really cute. And, it's all nice and dry. Okay, and one of the great things that you showed me about this, is you can use a Lifesaver, right? Yup. So, you put it, if you wanna stand it on a platter or on the table, on your Easter table. Look at that. I know. Who would think to use a Lifesaver, but you Amanda. I think that's fantastic. Yeah. Alright, let's move on to this great self project, because we always end up with an extra stuff. Always. When it comes out of the drier, where's the hair? Where did they go? Exactly. So, first show what we've got here. Okay. Well, we have the whole little array of Easter characters. We have the bunny, the chick, and the little sheep. And you put them on top of an egg? And you put them on top of an egg. Here, we have them in egg cups like for breakfast on Easter morning. Maybe the kids come down to see that or you can just kinda style them in a egg carton for a fun look. And that uses more of a sweat sock? Yeah. That is the brightly colored-- Exactly, and all, you know, we have pom poms, we have little string that stiffened with a little bit of hair spray, which is a nice little trick. What's supplies do we need? We're gonna make the chick, and what we need is some felt, some orange felt for the beak, some googly eyes. So, we may need a trip to the store of the googly eyes? Maybe. 'Cause I don't have them at home. Maybe, and some orange chenille stems. Uh huh. Feathers, and craft glue. Okay, let's get started. And scissors, scissors of course. Easy you say. It's very easy. Okay, great to do on Easter morning. So, we're gonna do it together. So, you take a saw. Uh huh. And basically, what you wanna do is cut just above the heel. Okay, straight across? So, just cut straight across, and then you know, if it's a little jagged you can always clean it up at the end. So, this you might wanna do with the kids? Yeah. Since they're using scissors. Exactly. Okay. So then, you have-- [unk] Yeah. Alright. And, first we're gonna put on the eyes. Okay. So, you take your craft glue. Why don't you give me a little squirt here. Okay, now for the beak. For the beak, all you do is take a little piece of square. Uh huh. Or you know, rectangular felt, and you just cut the corner off. Okay. For a perfect, that's perfect. Okay. And then, you do the feathers. Okay. So, it's the same thing. You just take a little glue and kind of put it right at the, you know, solid part of the feather. Okay, and I'm gonna wipe something that on this one. Okay. Just like that, and then you put 'em in the back? And put 'em just sort of on the side. Like this. Yeah, perfect. Okay, and that's great, and then, and we're just about out of time. So then, you'd want to attach the feet at the bottom. Right. You just twist 3 little pieces of orange chenille stem together, and there you have the feet. What a great craft for Easter. Amanda, thank you so much. You're still welcome. And I love the eggs, too, and if you like more information on how to make these adorable sock cozies, you can go to www.parents.com for the instruction. Thank you for watching better.tv. Please e-mail us your thoughts, ideas at better.tv. Together, we'll make your home, family, and life better.